Should I Add Decking to My Home? Three Excellent Benefits of Installing Timber Decking

Outdoor living has always been popular across Australia and with one of the best climates the world over, especially around Sydney and its suburbs, why wouldn’t it be? Depending on the style of your property, its layout and elevation, adding a timber deck may be an option that you’re considering. If you are, you’ll be pleased to note that there are many excellent benefits associated with installing decking, including the following benefits that many homeowners have been quick to capitalise upon.

It Expands Your Home’s Liveability

Adding a deck to your property expands its liveability and provides an excellent al fresco space that can be used throughout the year. Decks are great for outdoor entertaining, plus they deliver extra space that can always be put to great use, whether that’s for a barbeque area, an outdoor dining area, a sitting area or a versatile space that combines the lot!

This outdoor space needs to be functional if it’s to expand your home’s liveability to your outdoor areas, so it must be designed around the interior access points with access to other outdoor spaces, like the backyard, in mind. An expert carpentry team specialising in decks can assist you with this.

It Adds Real Value to Your Property

While decking can add real value to your property, you need to make the right decisions about the decking you have installed as it must complement the aesthetics of your home while adding extra space that will be utilised. That means the way that it’s designed and laid out is crucially important.

When the right decking is added and the workmanship is of a high-quality, homeowners can expect to recuperate a significant percentage of the costs when they sell. In comparison to other home extension projects, such as adding an extra bathroom or a sunroom, decks deliver better returns.

It Enhances Its Aesthetic Appeal

When quality materials are used and the design and aesthetics complement the property, decking can really enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the home, adding dimensions to give the property a better shape and greater visual appeal. With a wide range of timbers, varnishes and stains that can be used, complementing the existing aesthetics of your home with a new deck is a breeze!

All Fine Carpentry specialises in visually appealing decking which enhances the aesthetics, functionality and value of residential properties. 

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